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Just 3 things to keep in mind on your wedding day to get great wedding day photographs

Published 01 March, 2023 by Paul Geraghty

We asked 3 recent brides to give us their top advice they would give to a bride-to-be on their wedding day. These 3 tips will ensure that you get the best photographs possible:

  1. Take 2 minutes to think through your wedding photography plan: Go through the list of the key moments and people you want to be captured on your special day, and share it with a bridesmaid so they can keep your photographer on point.
  2. Trust your photographer: You hired a professional photographer who will have the experience, skills, and equipment to capture your day in a beautiful and timeless way. Let them get the traditional posed shots and creative portraits. It’s OK to ask them for portraits of loved ones outside the wedding party, such as grandparent or firm friend.
  3. Be mindful of the light and be present: Natural light can be used to create beautiful and romantic images. Light can be your enemy too, make sure you are not squinting into the sun. Enjoy your day and be present in each moment. Your photographer will be able to capture the emotions and memories of your day better if you are fully engaged. Take advantage of any photo opportunities, such as sunset portraits or group shots with friends and family.

Remember, your wedding day is about creating lasting memories and having fun, so enjoy the experience and trust that your photographer will capture it in the best way possible.

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